WE HAVE THE FUTURE was a collaboration between Josh Graupera, Katie Kaplan and Andrew Perez. The three artists fused their creative mythologies together to enhance our understandings of the imaginary as it relates to the real world around us.

"Together, we seek to create a space that is welcoming and empowering to Queer and POC individuals, where our worlds and identities often intersect. We celebrate our collaboration at a time when our people are in grave danger and hope to provide this space as a place of solace for ourselves and each other."

For this exhibition, Kaplan, Perez and Graupera undertook an experiment in collaboration, creating a cohesive installation of three separate worlds, in the interest of finding common ground, and making new connections, with each other and the public. Working in a variety of mediums, this installation included sculptures, fibers, paintings, as well as a focus on drawing and printmaking.

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