[Lancaster Public Art] PACE's Third and Fourth Community Meeting

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July 16, 2018

The third PACE community meeting held at San Juan Bautista gave everyone the opportunity to be city planners for the evening! Community members indicated on small maps, places in the neighborhood where a new space can be constructed or where one exists and could use some love and support. Drawings of dream spaces for the Southeast followed the indications on the map. Most of the ideas for public spaces were transferred onto the community dream map.

The final PACE meeting, held at The Mix at Arbor Place, was all about economies! If you had one-hundred dollars, what would you spend it on? If you had one thousand dollars or one hundred thousand dollars, what type of business would you start? Community members drew pictures on the back of fake one hundred dollar bills of their dream business for the Southeast. Ideas for businesses were added to the community dream map, creating an even more detailed web for the future of Southeast Lancaster. Check out these pictures from the meeting...